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About Us

"Helping equine athletes reach their peak performance!"

Performance Equine - Integrated Therapies is founded solely on the principle of helping our equine partners be physically healthy and mentally happy. 

We are certified in Equine Sports Massage Therapy as well as Equine Kinesiology Taping.

Performance Equine offers Cold Laser Therapy (Class 3B), LED Light Therapy, PEMF Therapy, and TENS/Microcurrent Therapy to help treat a wide range of issues from a minor cut to injured tendons to muscle soreness. 

We also offer a full line of T.H.E. FEI/USEF Compliant Supplements.

Our practice works directly with your whole team to ensure a happy, healthy equine partner. 

"Carrie can orchestrate a therapy program for any discipline at any level, from trail horses to top competition horses. She has an amazing hands - on ability with horses, and has outstanding focus to find restricted tissue and trigger points."

G. Gage L.M.T./E.S.M.T.

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