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How does the Magic Tape work?

The science behind Kinesiology Tape is very simple and quite amazing!

In its most basic concept it provides a decompression on the skin and fascia. This "lifting" creates convolutions in the skin thus increasing space and creating a  "gliding" effect between the layers of skin, fascia, muscle, and bone. This decompressed space also creates less pressure on nerve endings, lymph vessels, and blood vessels allowing for reduced or completely negated pain, increased lymphatic drainage, and increased blood flow and circulation.

There is also a belief that having the tape applied stimulates mechanoreceptors within the skin that play a part in movement awareness. Therapist call this proprioception. These proprioceptors provide information to brain along the equine nervous system.


*Improves blood flow and circulation

*Increase in lymphatic circulation

*Reduces inflammation

*Improves gate abnormalities

*Can reduce or completely negated pain

*Promotes healing

*Helps with muscle stiffness, soreness, and fatigue

*Can help increase the effects of bodywork (massage/PEMF)

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