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Mind Full or Mindful???

That's an interesting thought... Isn't it?

We as humans have sooooo much going on in our lives. We work, we play, we cart kids to school and football, we help our neighbors, we ride our horse, we walk the dog, we cook dinner, we do the laundry, etc. That list goes on and on and on and on. For everyone it's different, but it's still the same. We occupy our brains with ginormous amounts of information and to-do's and forget to be present.

Last year I lost a very dear friend on mine very unexpectedly. He went fishing to celebrate his B-Day with a friend and neither ever returned. The day before he left he hugged me as he always did, said some honeys, and I love you's and we each went on our way. Two days later my boyfriend (his cousin) and I got the call.

Now you ask, how does this relate to your horse?!?

Horses are present. They are in the moment. They are in the now. They hug you and tell you they love you every time they see you! They are black and white. They are right and wrong. They are not shades of gray.

To approach them with a cluttered mind is something they just don't understand. When our baggage comes to the barn with us it has effects on our equine partners. As we all know, it can disrupt training and learn, but did you also know it can effect muscles and fascia??

Horses hold tension in various ways. Just like humans, some hold it in their backs, while others hold it in their jaw. And what causes my horse to worry, stress, and hold tension is probably very different than why yours does. I know my big horse is a worrier. If something isn't as planned or if I approach him with the stress and worries of my day he picks up on it and tightens his neck.. That's his spot. His younger brother is fine if I approach him needing a hug, but if I push him away when he needs a hug because I'm stressed and don't have the time, he doesn't understand.

Our tension effects our ponies in various ways. Horses, by nature, want to be good... They are our partners. For most of us just seeing our horse(s) lets go of anything in our heads! On the days when it doesn't, remember to be mindful that it does have an effect on your equine partner :)

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